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The Growth Program

Charity and Business Leaders enter our community via The Growth Program. It’s a magical experience, but don’t take our word for it!

The Growth Program is an intensive Leadership Development Program.

Each year we bring together Charity and Business Leaders to learn together, share their knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Together they develop their capacity to run sustainable organisations which can also make an enduringly positive impact on the world.

We invite only 24 leaders to join The Growth Program every year.

That’s 12 UK based Charity Leaders. And 12 UK based Business Leaders.

Every Charity Leader is thoughtfully matched with a Business Leader for the duration of the Program. We call this a Growth Partnership. Growth Partners support and encourage each other in between these sessions. They often develop bonds that extend far beyond the duration of the Program.

We come together for a full day, every month, for 8-months. Sometimes in person, other times over zoom. Each of the 8 days is packed full of connection, wisdom and learning.

Our leaders graduate from the Program as Certified Growth Leaders, ready to continue their journey in The Growth Community alongside leaders from past programs.

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“I don’t know how they get the pairings so right….we laughed together, cried together and coached each other…and we’re still doing it four years later!”

Business Leader, 2020

The Growth Program consists of one Workshop per month, starting in September and culminating in a graduation event in April.

The 8 Workshops

Workshop 1

Getting Clear

In London

Consistently rated as our #1 workshop, this session will challenge you to define who you are, who you want to be and who you support so that you can clearly articulate the value you add and the impact of your presence.

Workshop 2

Resilient Leadership

In London

Find your voice as a confident and resilient leader. Using individual psychometric reports and peer coaching, this workshop helps you explore your unique strengths, hidden treasure and blind spots. You will get the opportunity to coach and be coached by your peers. It is packed with skills and tools you can implement, access and put into practice.

Workshop 3



We learn some deceptively simple yet devastatingly powerful strategic principles. Ideas are dreams without great execution – so we also explore how to execute in a way that will help each charity business enhance its inherent strengths and stand out as truly unique.

Workshop 4

One Page Plan


Achieving your vision needs a plan. In this session we’ll show you how to build a one-page business plan to create clarity and alignment in any organisation. We focus on each charity business when building the plan, but the learnings are 100% transferrable for anyone running a business, division, team, or even for solo entrepreneurs.

Workshop 5

Psychological Safety and High Performing Teams

In London

All the ingredients you need to consider when building a high performing team capable of bringing your strategic vision to life within a culture that stands the test of time. A hugely practical and invaluable set of tools for any leader who wants to help people reach their full potential.

Workshop 6

Influence through Story Telling


Isn’t it all about how you tell the story? One of our most popular workshops devoted to giving the tools needed to tell your story brilliantly and negotiate great outcomes with key stakeholders to deliver impact in your organisation.

Workshop 7



Life is a series of negotiations – and that’s even before you show up to do a day’s work! This workshop emphasises the power of empathy based negotiation. It contains some incredible tools and tricks used by great negotiators that can be deployed to start producing better results in any situation.

Workshop 8



Bringing it all together, a detailed look at where you’ve come from, where you are now and what needs to happen to get you where you want to be. This is your chance to reflect on everything you’ve learnt in The Growth Program.

In the evening we celebrate your graduation from the Program as a Certified Growth Leader. You will have the chance to share your journey with an audience of friends colleagues and family, and to forge new connection with members of The Growth Community who will be there to cheer you on!

Don't just take our word for it...

  • The Story telling workshop blew my mind! Travis and Gcina were incredible and I left feeling inspired by the power of story to move people. I'm working on it all the time now, weaving into the way I communicate with my team and with customers. Thank you!

    Amanda - Charity Leader, 2022
  • It's almost impossible to explain the first workshop. Heather is a one-off of a human being who led us through a process of self reflection that was unsettling at the time but has literally changed my perspective on life and what I was put on this earth to do. You haven't lived until you've been "Heathered"!

    Aviva - Business Leader, 2021
  • I honestly thought this program could have been designed by B's so perfect for leaders of Certified B Corps or companies who are on the journey to becoming one. It sharpens the axe and gives you the boost you need to certify or re-certify!

    Dan - Business leader, 2022
  • There were light bulb moments for all of us, at different times in the Program. For me it was learning how to write a One Page Business Plan. It’s given us clarity and alignment across the organisation. I can’t believe we ever managed without one!

    Michelle - Charity Leader, 2020

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