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The Growth Community

Leaders graduate from The Growth Program as Certified Growth Leaders. They take their place in The Growth Community alongside leaders from earlier programs to continue their journey of collaborative learning and mutual support.

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The Growth Project is like an oasis for me. A place I can find wisdom, advice and support without judgement. I can talk about things I could never share with my colleagues.

Marc, Business Leader 2020


We are The Growth Project

We are a community of charity and business leaders whose talent, ideas and passion make a difference in the world.

We are hardwired for connection, curiosity, and engagement.

The Growth Program was transformational. We engaged with each other, showed up for each other, learned from each other.

We want that feeling in our lives, forever.

We want to keep growing through learning. There is still so much knowledge for us to acquire. So much wisdom to enjoy.

Learning together builds deeper connection.

We have experienced the joy of supporting and encouraging others. We have basked in the unconditional support given by others, without judgement.

Leadership is tough. We want more people in our lives to cheer us on and prop us up. We want our oasis back. The space where we can be ourselves and simply trust whoever is in the room, even if we are meeting for the first time.

We crave purpose and have a deep desire to create and contribute.

We are committed to becoming the best leaders we can be so that we maximise our impact on the world.

We do it together, because Together we Grow.

Community Events

Our program of events is available to all Growth Community members.

Annual Retreat

A restorative and inspirational two night, three day retreat open to all the leaders in our community. The chance to take stock, refresh, recalibrate, connect, learn.

International Check-in

A chance to meet some of the 200 leaders from the Australia Growth Project. Hear their stories and forge new connections in a wider community.

Growth Community Social

No agenda, just a chance to meet up, share war stories, enrich each other just by being together for an evening.

Online Check-ins

Drop in online and bask in the unconditional support given by others, without judgement. Leadership is lonely and tough. Sometimes you want to share your successes and get a cheer. Sometimes you just want to vent. Either way, you’re among people who want to be there for you.

Book Club

We’re all about learning, so how could we not run a bookclub? Each quarter we dissect and discuss one book or podcast from our extensive community book list. Light bulb moments are plentiful. These relaxed sessions are great for forging new connections with members.

The Growth Seat

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” Albert Einstein. Group problem solving at its finest, using the 5-50-5 rule. That’s 5 minutes for the leader to explain the selected issue to the group. Then 50 minutes dedicated to asking ‘better questions’ about the issue. And 5 minutes for the solutions to appear with suggestions to take away and investigate.

'The Power Hour'

Like a vitamin shot, these workshops are designed to boost our leaders with actionable ideas to take straight back into their work and personal life.

Leadership Workshops

Full or half day workshops that live up to the high standards our leaders have come to expect from The Growth Project. At least two workshops per year are delivered in person at venues in London.

Could you be one of the 24 leaders to join our community this year?

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