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A community of business and charity leaders committed to being a force for good

Do you believe what we believe?

The Growth Project exists to Blur the Line of leadership between the For-Profit and Non-Profit sectors.

We believe that businesses have the power and responsibility to do more good in the world.

We believe that charities will have more impact if we invest in developing their leaders.

We believe that a mindset change will only come through deep collaboration between leaders from the For-Profit and Non-Profit sectors.

We believe that collaborative learning in a safe space is the most powerful enabler of deep, lasting connection.

Circlular ripples graphic

"The future belongs to partnership and collaboration between the charity and business sectors. Chasing the dollar no matter the cost is old leadership and it needs to change, now!"

Heather Yelland Business Consultant and #1 rated Growth Program Facilitator

We Blur the Lines of Leadership in the For-Profit and Non-Profit sectors so that charities and businesses work together more effectively to make a bigger difference.

Our leaders learn with and from each other. They support and encourage one another to be the change they each want to see in the world.

Their journey starts in The Growth Program. Each year we invite 12 Charity CEOs and 12 Business Leaders to join this 8-month leadership development program. One program per year. 24 invites. That’s it!

We name each group after a different type of bird.  This reflects the opportunity each leader has to soar to different heights while they are with us.

Graduates from The Growth Program take their place in The Growth Community. They continue their journey of collaborative learning and mutual support alongside leaders from earlier Programs.  So far, our community consists of leaders from the ‘Jay’, ‘Kea’ and ‘Lark’ groups.

Together we create Ripples of change that impact our organisations and thereby the world around us. We love to share the stories of these Ripples. How they started. The impact they made. It inspires us and feeds our souls.

Circlular ripples graphic

“I love the feeling of supporting others, cheering them on, watching them grow – and getting it back from them in equal measure!”

Phil, Business Leader, 2022

  • Jeff Woyda

    CFO & COO, Clarkson Plc

    “Clarksons has participated in The Growth Project every year since 2020. Our people return to the business as better leaders, with new energy and perspective on our role in society. It’s no coincidence that The Clarkson Foundation now supports a number of the brilliant charities whose leaders have also been through the Growth Project experience”.

  • Dan Pimm

    Founder, December 19 (a Certified B Corporation)

    “Being a B Corp isn’t easy. We’re building a profitable business while being a force for good in a world that still hasn’t fully grasped the idea. We can only do it with an energised and inspired leadership team. We have an ongoing commitment to developing them and The Growth Project delivers this brilliantly for us. I experienced first-hand the way it inspired me to be a force for good through business and I can’t recommend it highly enough to any business who wants its leaders to walk the walk”.

  • Karen Emanuel

    Founder, Key Production (a Certified B Corporation)

    “The Growth Project feels like it was designed for the leaders of Certified B Corporations.  It’s a melting pot of leaders who believe that sustainable businesses can also be a force for good in the world.  The Growth Community gives me inspiration and motivation to ensure our B Corp journey really makes a difference to our people and the world around us.” 

  • Mark Adlestone OBE

    Chairman, Beaverbrooks (2023 Best Retailer to Work For)

    "Beaverbrooks have participated in The Growth Project since it started and we are always impressed by the impact it has on our leaders. They feel more confident in their leadership abilities and are ready to  take on greater challenges. They come back with a renewed passion for our purpose, which is to enrich lives and make a difference to the world we live in."

Could you be one of the 24 leaders to join our community this year?

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