Established as a charity in Australia since 2013, The Growth Project launches in the UK in March 2020.

The Growth Project is a charity that supports small, successful charities to maximise their impact on the world.

A unique personal development program that brings together charity and business leaders in an environment of shared learning.  Throughout the 10-month course, participants will share knowledge and experiences, learn how to run more effective and efficient organisations and develop their leadership skills.

Introduction Video

What We Do and How We Do It

Sage - our Founding Partner

"Our Business Leaders have experienced The Growth Project's unique brand of engaged giving since 2016.  We have witnessed the impact that The Growth Project has on everyone involved and we are excited to be its Founding Partner in the UK. We can't wait to see the impact The Growth Project has on the third sector over here!"

Debbie Wall, EVP Sage Foundation, Diversity & Inclusion

Sage Foundation