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Business Leader and now award winning podcaster

I took part in The Growth Project in 2021. I’d been in my job for 14 years at that point, so being able to see myself in a different context and looking at things (including myself) from a different angle was life changing. It connected me, or maybe re-connected me, with a sense of passion and purpose that had somehow drifted out of my life.

A week before starting TGP I’d launched the first episode of a podcast about bluegrass music. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but the timing couldn’t have been better. TGP helped me understand what my real skills are and what I could bring to the subject, even though I was by no means an expert (the very fact I wasn’t an expert turned out to be a strength). 

After just two years of running the podcast, I won an award at the annual IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) awards in North Carolina. Lovely as that was, the real joy for me has been in being able to interview some of my musical heroes and share those conversations with music fans all over the world. 

I learned things about myself from The Growth Project. I now understand my strengths and, just as importantly, my weaknesses, so much better than I did. I understand what gives me purpose and, most importantly, have been able to put that to use. TGP didn’t really change me, it just helped me understand who I’ve always been a bit better. That’s amazing.

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