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The B Corp journey is challenging.

We get it. Sustainable profit while doing no harm, in a world that still doesn’t fully get it. You’ve chosen the path less travelled, and your leaders set the pace. They are the ones who deliver your amazing intention to be a force for good. It requires an ongoing commitment from you to develop them, inspire them and expose them to new ideas and perspectives.

We are here to help. Each year we give the opportunity for leaders from businesses who want to be a force for good, to learn alongside leaders from some of the UK’s most exciting and inspiring charities.

Open to Learning

You recognise this is the #1 way for you to grow as a leader


You want to feel more inspired and fulfilled. You are still not sure how your presence can have more impact on your family, friends and the world you live in. But you want to figure it out.


You want to share the best parts of you to help other leaders. In return you welcome their inspiration and wisdom.

Show Up

Yes, you’re busy and one day a month sounds a lot. But you’ll trust the process, commit to the Program and your Growth Partner. Put simply, we rely on you to show up.


The word 'leader' may not sit comfortably with you but that’s ok! It will do by the end of the Program!

Don't just take our word for it...

  • There were light bulb moments for all of us, at different times in the Program. For me it was learning how to write a One Page Business Plan. It’s given us clarity and alignment across the organisation. I can’t believe we ever managed without one!

    Michelle - Charity Leader, 2020
  • I honestly thought this program could have been designed by B's so perfect for leaders of Certified B Corps or companies who are on the journey to becoming one. It sharpens the axe and gives you the boost you need to certify or re-certify!

    Dan - Business leader, 2022
  • It's almost impossible to explain the first workshop. Heather is a one-off of a human being who led us through a process of self reflection that was unsettling at the time but has literally changed my perspective on life and what I was put on this earth to do. You haven't lived until you've been "Heathered"!

    Aviva - Business Leader, 2021
  • The Story telling workshop blew my mind! Travis and Gcina were incredible and I left feeling inspired by the power of story to move people. I'm working on it all the time now, weaving into the way I communicate with my team and with customers. Thank you!

    Amanda - Charity Leader, 2022

Could you be one of the 24 leaders to join our community this year?

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