A one-year program to set you up for long-term success

The Growth Program UK

The Growth Program is an innovative personal and professional development program that brings together 10 charity leaders and 10 business leaders for each intake. The charity and business leaders are paired, and together they participate in eight group learning sessions over a 12-month period.

The Program aims to deliver knowledge and experiences that enable participants to have a greater positive impact on society. Past participants also talk of the personal growth and fulfillment they experience from participating in the program.

The course concludes with a graduation event where participants present their charity and their experience to a room of Growth Project supporters.

Charity Leaders

The eight group-learning sessions are designed to help charity leaders drive efficiencies and effectiveness within their charity. The wide range of topics includes things such as Building Networks, Creating Shared Experiences, Governance and Storytelling. The program is delivered at no cost to the charity.

Business Leaders

Business leaders attend the eight group-sessions with their charity leader, sharing ideas and knowledge throughout the course. Whilst benefiting the charity, this also provides a leadership development opportunity for the business leader who is challenged to develop their  influencing skills and take what they have learnt back to their organisation.

Program Dates - 2020

Session One - 12th March 

Session Two - 30th April 

Session Three - 21st May 

Session Four - 15th June 

Session Five - 16th July 

Session Six - 3rd September 

Session Seven - 1st October 

Session Eight -  10th November

put simply, we are helping those who help.